September 17-19, 2021
at University Vineayrd

Empowering Holy Spirit Ministry In Everyday Life

Join us for a conference that's aim is to equip everyday Christians to do life in the power of the Spirit.  Be empowered to hear the Spirit's voice and see what the Father is doing so you can facilitate Holy Spirit ministry both outside and inside the walls of the church. 


University Vineyard Christian Fellowship
4910 N. Woodrow Ave
Fresno, CA   93726


Event is free, registration is greatly appreciated!
A love offering will be recieved during the evening sessions.

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7:00 pm                     Session 1

7:00 pm                    Session 2

10:00 am                 Morning Service

Steve Nicholson

Steve Nicholson began ministering as a college student through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in the early 1970s.  After graduation, he moved to the Chicago area where he and several other twenty-something leaders founded a church.  That fellowship, begun in 1976 in Evanston, Illinois, placed a high priority on contemporary worship, biblical teaching, openness to the Holy Spirit, and committed relationships as a church family.

In 1981, Steve and a team from the fellowship established a new church in Humboldt Park, a neighborhood in Chicago’s inner city. Both churches joined the Vineyard USA in August of 1985, and Steve transferred leadership of the Humboldt Park Vineyard to one of his team members in 1986.

The Evanston Vineyard has since planted nine other congregations in the Chicago area, and another fifteen in other cities or countries.  Steve led the Vineyard USA’s church planting task force for over twenty years. Steve has ministered to and trained church leaders in India, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Turkey, Lebanon, Brazil, Chile and several Central Asian countries as well as in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Evanston Vineyard is a diverse congregation from over 50 nations of the world with no majority racial or cultural group. Since 1986 the ministry of the Holy Spirit has been a regular and ongoing strength and emphasis of the Evanston Vineyard.

In 2020 Steve handed leadership of the Evanston Vineyard to Ted Kim.

Steve and his wife, Cindy, live in Chicago. They have three adult children and eight grandchildren.